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"Enviados Ministry has been a great blessing to me thanks to their articles which address current issues and offer a clear and understandable perspective on topics that may be difficult for many to understand. I really value their contribution and am grateful for their work."
Eduardo Perez
Ruling Elder at the Mexican National Presbyterian Church; Enviados Reader
"I do not believe I would have passed Greek 2 without Alberto's help. His pre-class study hour helped me comprehend the complexities of Greek. I am so thankful for the time he put into teaching me and others Greek."
Elijah Hoyer
RTS Student
"Enviados Ministry has helped us in our walk with Christ. Their articles have brought growth in knowledge and holiness. We pray that God will continue to train and fill them with wisdom for the extension of his Kingdom."
Esther Isais
Middle-School Teacher; Enviados Reader
"Alberto could explain hard topics—whether biblical languages or theology—in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. But he is very careful with his language at the same time. The time he led the Greek papyri reading group was very enjoyable. Moreover, Alberto was very supportive of my attempt to submit my paper to ETS Regional and gave me helpful feedback to improve my paper!"
M.A. Vicky Boontanom
Biblical Counselor
"The people at Enviados Ministry have been a great blessing to my life. They have shown not only knowledge of sound doctrine, but a sincere friendship in the love of Christ—fundamental things for the extension of God's Kingdom."
Elias Polanco
Ph.D. in Physics; Enviados Reader

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