Spanish For Ministry Initiative

Did you know that there are at least 136,714 Hispanic residents in the Mecklenburg County, NC?

Would you like to be able to share the gospel message or pray with any of them…in their own language? Would you like to become aware of Ministry Opportunities and Mission Trips to Latin America? Then the Spanish for Ministry Initiative is for you. It is needed, and it is free.

The purpose of the Spanish for Ministry Initiative (SPI) is to help develop leaders eager to serve the global church, providing them with tools to become able to communicate the gospel, pray and counsel others in the Spanish language, in the context of foreign missions and multi-ethnical church plants. Also, we would like to raise awareness of the necessity of Reformed Hispanic Ministry in the U.S. and Latin America.

SMI program is offered at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte Campus) for free to anyone interested; you do not have to be an RTS Student.

Would you like to help make this possible?

Here are some ways of helping:

  1. Pray for us as a team as we prepare ourselves to start this project for the benefit of the Hispanic Church in the U.S. and Latin America.
  2. Register here, and join us as we study the Spanish Langauge directly from Bible verses and with ministry purposes.
  3. We need either NIV Spanish Bibles or KJV Spanish Bibles. You can buy one or more and send them directly to our address at 4515 John Penn Cir. Apt. G, Charlotte, NC 28215. Or if you prefer, you can make a gift via Pay Pal here.
  4. If possible, consider financially supporting the SMI staff. SMI is a free education program, and as international students, they depend mainly on gifts made by loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Give here, or contact us if you want to become a recurring donor.

For further information and lecture hours visit the Spanish for Ministry Initiative Information Supplement

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¿Aborto? ¿Eutanasia? ¿Ideología de Género? ¿Teología Sistemática, Bíblica o Histórica? ¿Apologética o Evangelización? Una de las pasiones detrás del proyecto de Enviados es la de la enseñanza. Deseamos ser una organización que se caracterice por ayudar a la iglesias, proveyendo educación accesible para cualquier iglesia que lo solicite, con la intención de equiparnos mejor para el ministerio. Existen muchos temas en los que tu iglesia puede crecer para la gloria de Dios. 

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